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AgDevCo invests US$3mn into Uzima Chicken Ltd

AgDevCo has announced US$3mn follow-on mezzanine debt investment into Uzima Chicken Limited, a poultry company operating in Rwanda and Uganda

AgDevCo's first investment in 2017 helped launch Uzima in Rwanda. This investment provides Uzima with further capital to expand its production capacity, vertically integrate into poultry feed and widen its already significant impact reach across the Great Lakes region.

Uzima provides day-old chicks to small-holder farmers through a network of hundreds of small, independent distributors. Distributors rear the birds to six to eight weeks before selling them to small-holder farmers. The Uzima improved breeds are dual-purpose which make them ideal for rearing outdoors in backyard conditions, for both eggs and meat.

AgDevCo has also supported Uzima with technical assistance, including by recruiting and training a network of veterinary staff.

David Ellis, co-founder of Uzima Chicken, said, “AgDevCo backed us before our first chick was hatched in Rwanda. Now four years and some five million birds later we are pleased to be deepening our relationship with AgDevCo to drive further expansion.”

Chris Isaac, chief investment officer at AgDevCo, said, “we’re delighted with Uzima's progress so far. The company is delivering higher incomes and better nutrition to tens of thousands of low-income households and doing so profitably. As a long-term partner, we look forward to helping drive further growth and impact in the region.”