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Aviagen signs new contract agreement with Arbor Acres South Africa

Aviagen commemorates long standing relationship with Arbor Acres South Africa with new contract agreement. (Image source: Aviagen)

In April, Aviagen renewed the Grandparent (GP) contract with their Arbor Acres Parent Stock (PS) distributor, Arbor Acres South Africa

Arbor Acres South Africa has been the exclusive Arbor Acres distributor in South Africa, Swaziland and Lesotho since 2006, and recognises the importance in providing the local poultry industry with the best performing flocks, in order to ensure food security within the local markets. Arbor Acres South Africa has always been committed to growing the brand and ensuring its success within the local markets. The breed is popular amongst local producers for its leading growth rate, excellent FCR, and impressive meat yield. They are also seeing continuous improvements with the Arbor Acres breeder and
are achieving impressive results year-on-year.

Throughout the years, Arbor Acres South Africa has implemented their highly effective roadshow, where they travel around the country alongside Aviagen specialists, delivering key updates to their customers. These updates encompass advancements in R&D, optimal practices for both Parent Stock (PS) and broiler
flocks, as well as offering support from nutritionists, veterinarians and hatcheries.

“We are extremely excited to renew our supply agreement with Aviagen and continue the distribution of the Arbor Acres breed into the South African market. We have seen continuous improvements in both PS and broiler performance throughout the years, and we are happy to be able to continue supplying the superior genetics of the Arbor Acres breed to our current and future customers. We have had success and growth in our respective markets due to our customers receiving the highest quality chicks, with support from an experienced customer service team assisting our customers in achieving the best possible results from their flocks,” commented Raymond Laing, Arbor Acres South Africa.

Robert Roszkopf, business manager, Sub-Saharan Africa added, “Arbor Acres South Africa are doing a great job in supplying high quality flocks and therefore contributing to food security within the local market. They are dedicated to their customers and this is shown through the excellent results they have achieved. The best performing PS flock achieved 162 chicks at 60 weeks, and the best performing broiler flock achieved an EPEF of 434, which means both qualified for entry into our exclusive Arbor Acres Achievers Clubs. Aviagen is committed to further improving our genetics, and so we anticipate that the flock results will further improve in the future. I would like to thank the Arbor Acres South Africa team for their continuous commitment to the Arbor Acres brand.”