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Aviagen gets into a joint venture with Ross Breeders Zambia

Aviagen, along with its regional distributor, Ross Breeders Zambia, is continuing to invest in the African region to enhance its developing supply chain and its ‘global reach, local touch’ strategy, with the creation of Ross Central Africa Limited based in Zambia

The newly-created company, Ross Central Africa Ltd is a joint venture between Aviagen and Ross Breeders Zambia, which is a part of the Country Bird Holding Group. This expansion allows Aviagen to improve security of supply, and to enhance its service and support to customers on this continent.

Aviagen is a global poultry breeding company and implements efficiencies that make commercial chicken production environmentally and socially responsible and economically beneficial to producers. Country Bird Holdings is one of the largest poultry and animal feed producers in Africa. The company provides a complete range of services to cover all aspects of this industry, including breeders, broilers, eggs, hatcheries, feed, distribution and logistics.

Ross Breeders Zambia (RBZ) is already well established in the region and well-known as Aviagen’s Ross distributor, developing the Ross brand and sales for more than 25 years. In order to further develop this supply base, both companies will invest together to further increase the production capacity and supply the high Parent Stock (PS) demand for the Ross 308 breed in the region.

Ross Breeders Zambia shares the same mindset as Aviagen in ensuring the continent of Africa is provided with a sustainable source of protein for the foreseeable future, and also to provide a number of employment opportunities for the local population.

Population growth and macroeconomic improvements are driving the demand for chicken meat. It is important for Aviagen to supply and service its customers from a local production base and be able to provide a secure food supply.

Enhancing customer service with local production hub

Aviagen is continuously investing in R&D and technology to ensure it continues to deliver good performance in the future. The branded PS and Broiler Clubs are welcoming more and more companies from the sub Sahara region which shows that outstanding results are achievable in all regions of the world.

“Aviagen is the world’s leading poultry breeding company and with this joint venture in Zambia, we are expanding our presence and our footprint in this region. With this regional hub, we can provide more local employment opportunities for people who understand the local business requirements and speak the local language, but most importantly, we can continue to feed the world and provide a sustainable source of protein,” said Tom Exley, president, Turkey, Middle East and Africa (TMEA).

Jack Searle, managing director of CBH Africa Operations said, “We have been working with Aviagen for over 25 years and we already have a successful history in developing Ross PS markets in Africa. This I look forward to working alongside Aviagen to further develop the poultry market in the region together.”