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Evonik becomes exclusive distributor of ProPhorce SR 130 in southern Africa

Evonik has signed agreement with Swedish manufacturer Perstorp to become exclusive distributor of ProPhorce SR 130 in southern Africa

ProPhorce SR 130 is a butyric acid product that is a safe and cost-efficient solution for in-feed application in livestock management. Butyric acid is a major ingredient for optimal digestion as it favours gut wall integrity which is important for performance.

The product complements the mode of action of Evonik’s probiotics and shows beneficial effects that can bring added value to customers when the products are used together.

ProPhorce SR 130 aims to assist animal producers in reducing the impact of enteric challenges; in maximising utilisation of the nutrients provided in feeds; and both improving animal welfare and reducing environmental impact.

“The partnership between Evonik and Perstorp started with the announcement of our R&D collaboration last year. This additional distribution agreement is part of our ongoing endeavours to offer our customers holistic solutions for gut health issues in animal nutrition,” said Cuthbert Mamabolo, regional business director for Evonik Animal Nutrition in sub-Saharan Africa.

“We are seeing a growing demand in the southern African markets for alternatives to antibiotic growth promoters which increase human resistance to antibiotic medication. Evonik, especially with this new collaboration, offers a great range of solutions that promote healthy animal growth without the use of antibiotics,” Mamabolo added.

The activities of butyric acid are well researched and go beyond simple manipulation of gut pH. Butyric acid has been shown to improve pathogen control, provide energy for cells lining the gut wall, enhance secretion of enzymes and improve intestinal cell proliferation, differentiation, and maturation.

As part of the holistic approach, the two companies are hosting a webinar on 2 June (2 pm CET) called ‘Driving your gut health performance to the limit’ which will help users maximise livestock production.