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Meyn, a global manufacturer of poultry processing machinery, has developed innovative solutions to speed up poultry processing to 15,000 bph

meyn 180Meyn’s solutions aim to address rising consumer demand for high-protein food. (Image source: Meyn)

As consumer demand is rising for high-protein food, the changing customer preferences have spurred the global market for poultry meat. In response to this growing demand, the market has been forced to increase production volumes.

This results in longer production days and increased line speeds. The greenfield projects and other existing plants demand the highest possible processing capacity within the available space and time, along with ensuring the fact that the increased volumes should not affect high standards of product quality and animal welfare.

Meyn, the market leader in poultry processing, provides reliable equipment with high yields at high processing speeds. In response to the growing demand for even higher line speeds, Meyn has upgraded its machines with innovative solutions to process broilers quicker, achieving high levels of quality and maximising yield.

The company hopes to deliver machines for at least three new 15,000 bph high-speed processing plants in 2018 alone.

Complete overhaul on evisceration machines

Apart from increasing line speeds, Meyn also provides creative solutions that focus on maximising revenue over the complete production chain are essential. Therefore, the new versions of existing evisceration equipment are implemented with 20 units in a 240-degree frame (instead of the normal 180 degrees), allowing for longer processing contact time in each machine. The new 240-degree machine design matches high speeds with superior product quality and maximum food safety.

“Customers are looking to increase their production speed whilst also reducing waste and quality defects. The new 240-degree frame enables us to meet customer expectations and help them to achieve further efficiencies,” said Pete van Poorten, product manager at Meyn. “Many of our installed systems have already been running above 13,500 bph, and this is the logical next step.”

Easy maintenance at 15,000 bph

Furthermore, higher line-speeds accelerate more processing activities per hour, resulting in shorter interval times between the sharpening or even replacement of knives.

Meyn has further improved the durability and quality of all cutting blades to reduce maintenance and maximise uptime. Moreover, in some modules, the blades have changed from smooth to serrated cutting edges, resulting in an up to four time’s longer durability.

Other innovations by Meyn to run a processing line at 15,000 bph are the new Meyn Carousel rehanger M2.0 and the new Meyn Line weigher M2.0. For processing after chilling, the Meyn Physic and Flex M3.0 cut up lines are updated to match the 15,000 high-speed lines with exactly two cut up lines.