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MVP finalises its newcastle vaccines and infectious bronchitis vaccine registration in Philippines

Malaysian Vaccines and Pharmaceuticals (MVP) has strengthened its position in Philippines vaccine market with the addition of Newcastle Disease (ND) and Infectious Bronchitis (IB) vaccine as its new product line up

MVP MyVAC Hog Cholera GPE – vaccine has been a representative of MVP, a household name for quite some time in swine industry of Philippines.

Universal Robina Corporation (URC) has been distributing MyVAC Hog Cholera vaccine in various dose presentations and by this year, URC is adding another four products of MVP from Newcastle Disease and Infectious Bronchitis line.

Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI) has approved all the four vaccines to be distributed and use in Philippines’s poultry farms by early this year.

The four new products consist of both live and inactivated vaccine of LaSota strain and H120 strain; hence it is very much suitable to be incorporated in farm current regime to fully cover the immunity needs of young chicken against debilitating ND and IB disease.

DR Dante Palabrica, URC director of farm operation, said, “MVP has always known for its good reputation for high-quality products proven from swine vaccine track record, and this well-earned reputation has set the stage for these newly registered poultry vaccines to be used by Philippines poultry farmers.

The Philippine broiler industry is composed of 20 per cent backyard and 80 per cent commercial farms. With MVP ability to cater the need of backyard and commercial farm with dose presentation from 500dose to 2000dose, this new line is expected to be able to gain its place among poultry farmer across the Philippines without much problem.