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Petersime introduces ‘Petersime Approved’ secondhand incubators

A global leader in incubation, Petersime, has been able to identify different needs in today’s hatcheries

With Petersime Approved, the company has launched a new concept that enables customers to purchase durable and trustworthy secondhand Petersime incubators combined with firsthand support. As a result, the company aims to offer the ideal incubation solution for each business plan. 

Purpose-fit incubators with the right support

Customers who are looking for durable and trustworthy secondhand incubators can turn to Petersime Approved, a new concept of secondhand Petersime incubators that come with the know-how and support needed to successfully start up a business and keep hatchery operations running smoothly. Whatever a hatchery’s business plan requires, there is always a Petersime solution focused on maximising productivity in a cost-efficient way. 

Customised solutions: a core value at Petersime

Petersime assists customers to analyse the scope and goal of their hatchery project. By translating the individual requirements into a customised solution, customers are sure to receive the most profitable solution for their specific situation. Thanks to a complete line of new and purpose-fit setters and hatchers for single- or multi-stage operation, Petersime can offer the ideal incubation solution for each business plan. 

With Petersime Approved secondhand incubators, customers can benefit from the quality of a top brand while enjoying peace of mind thanks to the comprehensive aftercare by Petersime’s experienced Helpdesk and Incubation Team. 

X-Streamer is Petersime’s high-end single-stage incubator. Being the world’s first intelligent incubator, it turns data into maximum hatchery performance thanks to a unique combination of built-in intelligence, patented Embryo-Response Incubation technology and advanced design features. 

For customers who prefer to go for a lower initial investment cost, Petersime’s Conventional concept is the perfect answer: high-performance incubators aimed at producing top-grade chicks with a choice between single-stage or multi-stage operation. 

Ensuring the best economic return for customers, today and for the entire lifetime of their hatchery. That is Petersime’s commitment. Maximum profit for life.