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Poultry industry pledges to meet Namibian poultry demand

Namibia Poultry Industry (NPI) has stressed that it will be able to meet the countrys level of demand for chicken following the introduction of the poultry import limit that the government imposed earlier this year

The Namibian government imposed the limit on chicken imports in May under the Import Export Control Act of 2004 to protect the local broiler industry.

The restrictions mean that only 600 tonnes of chicken is allowed to be imported per month.

NPI Managing Director, Dawid Koen, told The Namibian that NPI produces 2,000 tonnes a month, and has the capacity to meet the country's 2,300 tonnes monthly consumption of chicken.

Koen said that although chicken in Namibia is more expensive than in South Africa, a fairer comparison would be with Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia, which operate in a similar environment to Namibia.

South Africa produces its own feed and other chicken-rearing products which therefore bring the price down.

Koen said the government had not indicated how long the restrictions would remain in place, but added that they are reviewed every quarter.

Many believe that the government took the step to invoke the Import Export Control Act rather than giving the industry infant industry protection. Granting infant protection to Ohorongo Cement has led to a legal battle between cement importers and the Namibian government.