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Transforming Tanzania's chicken market

Hill Group is one of the few fully automated poultry plants in East Africa. (Image source: Marel)

The Hill Group processing plant has been operational in Dar es Salaam since July 2023

Boasting a population of around 63 million, Tanzania’s chicken consumption seems to be in line with its rapidly growing population. Since long, the wet market has largely dominated Tanzania. However, these pose numerous health and sanitary risks, making the move towards processed meat essential for maintaining safety and quality.

Standing by his goal to transform Tanzania’s chicken processing industry, entrepreneur Hillary Shoo, who is also the founder of the Tanzania-based feed manufacturing company, Hill Group, had formulated plans to establish a greenfield poultry processing plant in 2014. With the support of food processing solutions company, Marel, Shoo began building the factory from scratch, until it was finally commissioned in July 2023.

Processing capacity at Hill’s greenfield, starts at 3,000 bph. At the start of the process, floor scales connected to Innova weigh incoming live birds. The manual killing process ensures that production is 100% halal. Scalding and plucking are also done using Marel equipment. After the combined VOC vent cutter and opening machine, the automated evisceration line features a Nuova eviscerator with a separate pack line for manual harvesting. After evisceration, products are chilled in a water chiller. This is followed by a Compact Grader, to select the products by weight. Although restaurants are important customers, the project aims to reach all markets and most importantly, at an affordable cost.

Distribution is mainly focused on major urban areas such as Dar es Salaam, Mwanza, Arusha, Morogoro and Dodoma.

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