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Afrika Umoja and Black Farmers Association of South Africa collaborate to tackle COVID-19

Afrika Umoja has announces a partnership with the Black Farmers Association of South Africa (BFASA) to set up and distribute disinfecting products throughout the country

The partnership will enable BFASA to set up operational deep-cleaning and sanitising teams and build hand operated stations that spray mist onto surfaces and sites throughout the country, as well as supply the market with their unique product, Santab. Santab is produced in South Africa and is sold as effervescent tabs that can be dissolved in five liters of water. The tablets are compact and easy to transport.

Afrika Umoja, an initiative started by Cape Town temporary architecture specialists HOTT3D, the African Energy Chamber together with pan-African energy event organiser Africa Oil & Power, has announced the partnership with the Black Farmers Association of South Africa (BFASA).

BFASA is an Association that has the best interests of the farming community at its core and has a membership of 50,000 farmers including farmers on small pieces of land, farmers with a small turnover and smallholder farmers in all nine provinces.

Afrika Umoja and BFASA will use their networks to distribute the Santabs and disinfecting products across South Africa, and also intend to educate people on how to sanitise, especially in rural areas.

Additionally, BFASA has partnered with the House of Monarch and King Mthimkhulu III, whereby BFASA will manage agricultural activities on the land owned by the King. The King will authorise the agricultural activities of BFASA, including the cultivation of land for the local market as well as for the export market. Other activities and sources of employment and income such as the alignment with Afrika Umoja will benefit communities greatly.