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Allflex’ Smart Collars for Cows honoured at Israeli President’s Residence Award Ceremony

Allflex Livestock Intelligence, an Antelliq company, has announced to include smart collars for cows by SCR in the newly released book ‘Israeli Innovation’

The book was published by the Israeli Ministry of Industry and the Economy and the National Innovation Authority. Featuring the 100 Israeli innovations which has the largest global impact, the book was launched at an event at the President’s residence in Jerusalem.

Twelve important industry leaders were awarded for recognising their exceptional contribution to various industrial sectors and the Israeli economy.

Ori Inbar, vice-president at SCR, commented, “We are exceptionally honoured to have been chosen as one of the top 10 success stories behind Israel’s technological initiative, and to be recognised for the impact SCR technology has had on the global dairy industry. We look forward to continuing to innovate enabling smarter food production, more sustainable practices and more successful farmers.”

SCR was established in 1976 and has played a significant role in the development of technological solutions for the worldwide dairy industry.

The company initially focused on developing electronic devices such as pulsators and automatic detachers for dairy farms. It later expanded its technology into milk meter software and smart collars for cows.

SCR’s were commercially launched in 2006 and became the leading heat detection solution worldwide. In 2008, the company introduced SCR’s Heatime HR collars which help dairy producers monitor cows’ health, to identify and treat disease early, preventing illness before it takes hold.

Currently, SCR continues to lead the industry with its advanced cow monitoring solutions, based on modern-day behaviour sensors and algorithms which are used on more than five million cows worldwide.