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Azuri’s solar irrigation to benefit Ugandan farmers

GrowFast, the pay-as-you-go solar irrigation solution from Azuri Technologies, has been named a winner of the Uganda renewable energy fund, benefitting more than 200,000 people across Uganda with clean energy solutions including Azuri’s GrowFast solar irrigation system

The Uganda renewable energy fund has been launched by the UN CleanStart programme and Embassy of Sweden.

GrowFast from Azuri offers farmers an innovative and affordable pay-as-you-go solar irrigation bundle that includes a smartphone with GrowFast app, as well as crop insurance cover. Conventional farming that relies only on rainfall for irrigation limits the number and type of crops that can be grown each year. The solar irrigation system is designed to improve productivity, income generation, and living standards of small-holder farmers by enabling farmers to keep their crops watered all year long.

As agriculture is the backbone of Uganda’s economy, it employs 70 per cent of the population, contributing half of the country’s export earnings.

“Solar powered irrigation is helping increase harvests, improve farming practices and raising agriculture incomes which in turn boosts farming incomes and creates new jobs,” explained Simon Bransfield-Garth, CEO of Azuri Technologies.

“I am delighted that Azuri GrowFast has been named as a winner of the UN CleanStart fund and we look forward to supporting local farmers in Uganda to increase productivity and household income,” Bransfield-Garth added.