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Food, Feed and Biofuel: global technology solutions at Desmet Ballestra

Desmet Ballestra Group is the world leader in the field of tailor-made engineering and procurement services covering each step of the Oils & Fats industry, from oilseed preparation and extraction to oil processing plants including refining and fat modification processes

 Moreover, in co-operation with our oleochemicals division, Desmet Ballestra has delivered almost 100 ‘classical’ biodiesel pre-treatment and transesterification plants all over the world. Desmet Ballestra benefits from a great worldwide reputation due to more than 75 years of unequalled experience, a strong R&D capacity and the most extensive customer base in the industry. The group has a network of 17 local subsidiaries throughout the world and a track record of setting up more than 10,000 processing units in 150 countries.

The Group is organised around three main areas of expertise:

• Based on Belgium’s De Smet know-how as the world specialist in oilseed and edible oil processing plants, Desmet Ballestra Oils & Fats Division delivers tailor-made engineering and procurement services, from oilseeds preparation and extraction to oil processing plants including fat modification processes. The division also conveys the Group’s expertise in oleochemical technologies including biodiesel processes that have met an outstanding success thanks to their reliability, versatility and performances.

• Composed of Rosedowns (UK) and Stolz (France), respectively dedicated to oilseed pressing and animal feed/ human food plants, Desmet Ballestra Manufacturing Division provides these industries with key equipment.

• Italy’s Ballestra, specialised in process plants for detergents, surfactants and related chemical industries, leads the Detergents, Surfactants and Chemicals Division of the Group and is considered as a worldwide reference in these sectors.

Present on all international market areas, Desmet Ballestra coordinates its worldwide activities making the best use of the very important technical, technological and commercial synergies existing between its operations and is able to provide globally sourced competitive services, plants and equipment. Through its full-fledge research & development centers, in Brussels and Milan, and a number of Fundamental Research programmes in various Universities and Research Centres around the world, Desmet Ballestra is continuously improving its technologies and discovering new ways to cope with market requirements. Technical innovation and privileged customer relationship are the keys of the strategy of the Desmet Ballestra Group that is able to provide the latest technologies through a fully integrated international network of companies.

The Desmet Ballestra Group has sold, installed and commissioned more than 10,000 process units in 150 countries on 5 continents.

For more details contact regional sales manager of Desmet Ballestra Group NV, Bruno De Jaeger, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.