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Elsenburg Agricultural Training Institute reopens for students

Western Cape minister of agriculture Dr Ivan Meyer has welcomed back senior students at the Elsenburg Agricultural Training Institute (EATI) and urged the students to adhere to all the COVID-19 safety measures

Before meeting students, staff briefed minister Meyer on the level of COVID-19 preparedness as well as the planned academic programme over the next three months.

Staff informed him that before their arrival on campus, students received copies of the COVID-19 protocols that had been put in place to protect them.

Posters encouraging social distancing and the promotion of health measures adorned walls in all public spaces such as lecture halls, dining areas and hostels. Pathways are demarcated to aid social distancing.

Students have been provided with a screening tool which enables them to measure their risks daily.

Students with high temperatures are not allowed onto campus, and those in the hostel will be immediately placed under quarantine.

Expressing his satisfaction, minister Meyer said, “I am thankful to the staff for all the hard work which went into preparing the campus for the return of our students.”

Minister Meyer further thanked academic staff for ensuring that students continued with their studies during the hard lockdown. Studying continued via the SunLearn on-line platform, WhatsApp groups and when necessary study material was couriered to students.On arrival, each student was given a COVID-19 goody bag, containing two cloth masks, hand sanitiser and a brochure entitled, “COVID-19 toolkit.” Students will now be attending a weeklong winter school in preparation for the exams which commences towards the beginning of July 2020.