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Falcon Eye Drones launches sustainability practice in the Middle East

Falcon Eye Drones, Dubai-based drone-powered solutions company, has introduced a sustainability practice, aiming to address the growing importance of sustainable business and industry practices across construction, oil and gas, agriculture, mapping, surveying, utilities, energy and other sectors

Within the framework of the new practice, Falcon Eye Drones will be sustainability proofing their upcoming developments by evaluating the amount of carbon footprint that will be avoided by utilising unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) to service a project.

In addition, the company will be increasing its participation and contribution towards regional discussions at industry events and trade shows and further contributing towards the education of relevant industry professionals and experts via co-hosted and independently organised events and training activities.

Drones for sustainability vertical has been inspired by the increasing role UAVs play across many industries that lean towards clean energy practices. New practice was also boosted by the regional market sentiment on renewable energy and sustainability.

According to Statista, the market size for drones in smart agriculture will reach US$2.9bn by 2021 globally. The contribution of the agricultural sector to the overall economy varies significantly among countries in the Middle East, ranging from about 3.2 per cent in Saudi Arabia to 13.4 per cent in Egypt.

Drone technology makes a huge contribution to the agriculture industry through planning and strategy based on real-time data gathering and processing, mainly considering water supply challenges that are common across the region, especially in the GCC countries. Drones can contribute towards the sustainability of the agricultural sector by taking on such tasks as soil and field analysis, planting, crop spraying, crop monitoring, irrigation, health assessment and many more.

Falcon Eye Drones participates in the major industry events such as Big 5 Solar, where the company discusses the importance of UAVs for sustainability and renewable energy. The company co-organises the Drones Synergies summit that takes place in Dubai on the annual basis and is designed to educate and guide regional stakeholders on the importance of drone technology across multiple sectors.

In this year’s edition, drones synergies will feature more than 16 one-day training programmes focusing on various aspects and synergies of drones.

Agriculture for tomorrow and drones, drones for renewable energy assessment and management and drones for natural resources and environmental sustainability are among the scheduled training and part of the professional programme of the conference.