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The US Agency for International Development (USAID) is set to launch farm-to-market road rehabilitation activity (F2MRR) in Liberia, which will be implementing the rehabilitation of Feed the Future (FtF) farm-to-market roads to support goals of poverty alleviation and hunger reduction

farmer marketThe aim is to increase smallholder access to farms all year round. (Image source: USAID U.S. Agency for International Development /Flickr)

Under the F2MRR activity, USAID works to provide sustainable cost-effective feeder roads network in Liberia. The activity mainly focuses on Bong and Grand Bassa counties.

Rehabilitated feeder roads reduce travel time and transportation costs for surrounding communities and farmers. In addition, road rehabilitation work brings direct employment opportunities for residents of rural communities. Commercial activities generated by improved roads, in turn, create a market for agricultural and other products.

The current activity includes rehabilitating 13.3km of farm-to-market roads. To date, the USAID rehabilitated 59km of the road in two counties.

Planned outcomes

· Aggregators and processors of rice, cassava, vegetables and other targeted value chain actors will be able to reach smallholder farms to purchase produce for processing and sale, particularly in urban areas

· Increase smallholders access to farms all year round

· Increase market access for farmers, thus reducing market prices and improving food security

· Increase access to basic services such as schools and health centres

· Reduce travel time and cost for commuters