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Konnect Africa brings Wi-Fi to rural African communities

Konnect Africa, the Eutelsat-owned satellite broadband service provider, has introduced SmartWIFI, a new hotspot service, as part of its initiative to bring digital opportunities to the Africans, particularly rural people of Africa

The new service aims to enable sales outlets, including retailers, hospitalities, gas stations etc, as well as healthcare centres or schools to become a connectivity point and digital gateway to opportunity for the surrounding population.

According to Konnect Africa, the users will be able to access the internet from a distance by generating the hotspot. This network access can be extended to several kilometres through off-the-shelf Wi-Fi repeaters, said the company.

In addition, the SmartWIFI also focus on providing service through vouchers or mobile payment schemes. The hotspot service comes with a unique local data storage system, aiming to enable users in remote areas to access smart digital content, including online courses and education programmes, sports and entertainment.

Through this mobile and computer applications, the users will also be able to be helpful in daily business activities.

Speaking to the press, Laurent Grimaldi, CEO of Konnect Africa, commented, “This new Wi-Fi hotspot solution is designed specifically to address the needs of the majority of the African population that lives in rural areas, where there is a need to reduce the digital divide.”

In leveraging the ubiquity of the satellite network and locally operated hotspots, the company aims to foster productive uses of digital technology to make everyday tasks easier for individuals and allow businesses in remote areas to expand their footprint, he added.

The new hotspot service will be deployed in partnership with local internet service providers and telecom operators in strategic areas across Sub-Saharan Africa and will be available in all countries covered by Konnect Africa’s satellite broadband service.