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Meteorological society launched in Zimbabwe

The Zimbabwe Meteorological Society has been launched in Harare, Zimbabwe, with the aim of advancing meteorological and related sciences and their applications in weather and climate-related sciences for sustainable development

According to Dr Amos Makarau, director for the Meteorological Services Department (MSD), the department will conduct awareness-raising workshops, scientific conferences and produce scientific publications to promote the society.

"The society was launched at the recent First Climate Science Symposium of Zimbabwe held in June 2013 in Harare,” Makarau confirmed.

Makarau said the objectives of the society would include promoting interest in meteorology topics such as climate change, partnering with other scientific organisations and institutions for the efficient and effective exchange of meteorological knowledge, networking actively with all stakeholders, and developing and enhancing professional standards in meteorology through accreditation.

The society will also look to provide professional advice for national policy formulation and promote the production of high-quality and relevant scientific publications.

According to Makarau, the society will draw its membership from meteorologists, agro-meteorologists, environmentalists, mathematicians, agriculturalists and other scientists from related disciplines in Zimbabwe and beyond.

“Membership categories will include fellows, associate members, foreign members, corporate members and student members,” he remarked.

The interim Executive Committee, which will run the society during its formative phase, will draft a constitution and convene the first meeting of the association.

Wallace Mawire