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Tanzanian farmers to gain access to agriculture information

Tanzanias Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Cooperatives, in joint partnership with Zantel Tanzania and Sibesonke Limited, has set-up mobile phone facilities that will be expected to reach 33mn farmers in the country

The SMS-based application provides mobile phone capability and aims to provide farmers in the country access to a wide range of farming methods.

“Through this modern communication technology, farmers will now have continuous means of communication as well as wide-scale agricultural guidance on all phases of farming, starting from cultivation all the way through harvesting,” Dr Msola said.

The number of extension officers countrywide is only 35 per cent, Dr Msola added, highlighting that the government’s initiatives to enhance agriculture which is a major area of economic activity for more than 80 per cent of Tanzania’s population would prove difficult.

“The service will offer farmers information on soil preparation, fertiliser, whether forecast, crop varieties and cultivation as well as give them a platform to discuss with other framers on agricultural issues,” Kiaga noted.