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Aeroview DJI Mavic 3M package: A comprehensive solution for precision farming

Aerobotics, a South Africa-based agritech company has announced the launch of a new Aeroview DJI Mavic 3M package, offering a comprehensive solution for precision farming

The Mavic 3M’s upgraded camera system along with Aeroview yields multispectral imagery which provides farm analytics required to visualise crop growth with total clarity. The data and tools that become available following its upload to Aeroview have a positive impact on yield production. Starting from farm digitisation to data analysis, the Aeroview web-based platform offers comprehensive, end-to-end functionality, ensuring that farmers and their teams have access to plant-level insights and a plethora of other features which enables them to take timely and informed action, as well as reports for critical in-season and harvest decisions. 

Aeroview posesses a number of features that set it apart from other agriculture data solutions. Firstly, Aeroview and the Aeroview InField mobile app are specifically designed for agriculture, allowing growers to gain access to a hub of information about their farm's performance. Moreover, ranging from detailed inventory reports to zonal maps highlighting specific areas of interest, including per-tree metrics for tree crops, the platform provides all the data required to make informed decisions and maximise yields. 

The platform also enables users to share valuable insights, analyses and action plans with their team, partners, and stakeholders, which allows for successful collaboration. In addition, Aeroview has a user-friendly interface that simplifies the selection of blocks, making it easy for users to select the blocks they want to upload and see which ones have enough imagery coverage. One of the biggest advantages is the flexibility offered by the platform while uploading imagery, enabling users to meet their schedule and needs. When uploading imagery, users can pause, restart and start uploading again later. Better yet, Aerobotics' uploader is a powerhouse since it can handle terabytes of imagery in a single upload, enabling users to upload as much as they want without any concern. 

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