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AgriEID unveils next-gen digital farming system

Australia’s forefront innovator in livestock management solutions, AgriEID announced a massive update to its industry leading NLIS livestock management system 

This revolutionary package seamlessly integrates its premium NLIS tags, Intelligent NLIS Tag Readers, proprietary livestock management software suite, and next-gen cattle scales, delivering an integrated, cost effective solution to SME farmers with advanced AI.

NLIS tags

With improved attach rates with an extended operational life, NLIS tags furnish the ideal answer for farmers seeking to streamline and simplify herd identification processes.

Intelligent NLIS Tag Readers

Seamlessly integrated with AgriEID’s comprehensive livestock management software, capabilities of the NLIS Tag Reader – a game-changing device offering unparalleled speed, distance and precision in NLIS tag scanning and reading –encompass instantaneous retrieval of individual animal profiles upon scanning an animal's NLIS tag, fundamentally revolutionising livestock management. 

Next-gen cattle scales

In tandem with the AgriEID livestock management software, these livestock scales that are bolstered by superior load cells for heightened precision, extend the potential to offer meticulously precise average weight readings and calculations, thereby fortifying the suite's efficacy.

"Our comprehensive livestock management suite is more than a mere collection of tools. It's a paradigm shift in livestock management, said AgriEID’s CEO. “The convergence of premium NLIS tags, the intelligent NLIS Tag Reader, proprietary software, and next-gen livestock scales delivers an unparalleled, holistic solution to livestock farmers of all sizes, thereby augmenting efficiency and productivity." 

By providing access to this holistic suite at an unparalleled price point, AgriEID is rendering advanced farming tools accessible, ensuring that small and medium-sized farmers can harness the power of technology akin to their larger peers.

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