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Astrocast and Digitanimal collaborate to boost livestock management

Astrocast, a leading global nanosatellite IoT network operator,  and Digitanimal, a leading smart solutions developer in livestock tracking devices and solutions, has announced the signature of a strategic partnership to develop a Satellite IoT (SatIoT) solution

Both companies are collaborating to commercialise an unrivalled tracking device that connects to Astrocast’s global satellite network. The SatIoT-based collar will enable farmers to track livestock remotely. This will allow them to adopt Agriculture 4.0 farming practices as they manage their herds.  

Carlos Callejero, CEO at Digitanimal, commented, “Within remote farming environments there is often little or no terrestrial network connectivity. To solve this problem, some farms try and install antennas and base stations to deploy ground networks and access cloud technologies. But, it is challenging for many farmers to deploy a reliable and financially viable infrastructure, especially if they do not have a high volume of animals to monitor. 

“Our goal is to change this situation for these remote farmers, as we incorporate Astrocast’s low-power, cost-effective SatIoT into our livestock tracking solutions. This technology – and the access to data that it provides – will enable farmers to accurately establish the location of their herds anytime and anywhere, allowing them to better manage livestock. For example, they can track movement patterns and create geo-fences to detect when livestock has drifted into areas they should not be.”  

Countries in Africa and Asia have large, extensive herds in vast regions with no reliable cellular network access. In Europe, it is estimated that there are 87 million cows and 50% of these animals are located in areas without terrestrial/network coverage.  

Through this partnership, it will be possible for any farmer across the world to connect their animals to the cloud and track them. The service will be cost-effective and affordable to farmers, as it has been developed with the latest satellite technology.