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CNH partners with Intelsat to expand network connectivity

Field-ready connectivity option for hard-to-reach locations brings the power of precision agriculture to more CNH customers. (Image source: CNH))

CNH along with Intelsat, one of the world's largest integrated satellite and terrestrial communication networks, has announced a collaboration that will be the first to provide farmers ubiquitous access to the internet through a ruggedised satellite communications (SATCOM) service

According to a new memorandum of understandng (MoU), Intelsat will provide multi-orbit internet access to connect CNH equipment working in remote locations and easy-to-use satellite terminals ready to handle the challenging environment on a farm. Intelsat's long term experience in SATCOM, highlights its capabilities spanning geosynchronous and low-Earth orbits. This offers Case IH, Steyr and New Holland customers SATCOM coverage that is unparalleled in the market. Case IH, Steyr and New Holland customers will use a rigorously tested terminal that connects easily and is proven to withstand extreme weather conditions and the vibration and shock produced by farming equipment and activity. 

Internet connectivity is key to realising gains in productivity and yield through precision agriculture. While many customers fulfill this need for internet connectivity with CNH’s market-leading global mobile virtual network, existing cellular towers do not enable pervasive connection. According to the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO), less than 33% of the world’s surface has mobile network coverage. Case IH, STEYR and New Holland farmers’ intelligent machines connect and coordinate with one another while they work. They also communicate with the farmer through the cloud, exchanging data securely and receiving the farmer’s highly specified directions for the jobs they execute.

“As the first satellite communications company to provide multi-orbit connectivity to farmers around the world, Intelsat’s collaboration with CNH will unlock new capabilities in the most remote locations through our global communications platform,” said CEO of Intelsat, Dave Wajsgras. “We’ve proven that ruggedised, built-for-purpose terminals that can access multiple satellite orbits from anywhere on Earth offer the highest network reliability, greater throughput and the best user experience.”

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