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Danfoss Africa webinar for African market discusses DrivePro services

Danish engineering firm Danfoss has held a webinar to discuss one of Danfoss’ products: the DrivePro services, with specific application in the local food and beverage industry

Ferdie Fontuin, Danfoss Drives’ sales manager for Food and Beverage and General Industry in Sub-Saharan Africa, introduced the speakers after a short overview on Danfoss Africa. Danfoss DrivePro Life Cycle Services is a collection of tailor-made products designed around the customer’s needs. From optimised spare part packages to condition-monitoring solutions, the customer is able to customise Danfoss products to support their business through the different stages of the Danfoss AC drive's life cycle.

DrivePro services have been designed to maximise the benefits by improving overall efficiency and profitability, and minimise the operational costs of the Danfoss AC drive solution in any application or industry segment.

Agata Fornasari, Danfoss global director, food and beverages, explained that a maintenance strategy overview typically contains potential techniques of maintenance such as: Corrective; traditionally the first step, requiring an intervention when the failure happens. Preventative; the user tries to prevent failure by replacing components based on their predefined life expectation. Predictive; this works on the idea of predicting the failure based on the remaining time of the asset. 

She noted that a fourth technique is that of condition-based monitoring, which involves the selection of key parameters as indicators for developing faults when monitoring the health of equipment in service. The equipment condition typically degrades over time, with the point of functional failure being when the equipment fails to provide the intended function.

In his presentation, Jorg Studer, Danfoss Drives service director, confirmed that Danfoss Pro Lifecycle Services will allow one to minimise the cost of downtime, optimise performance, and maximise uptime. 

The webinar concludes, that in South Africa, BMG has been a long-standing Danfoss DrivePro partner. BMG is the continent’s largest distributor, manufacturer and service provider of the highest quality engineering consumables and components. Its products and services support the productivity and production targets of the industrial, manufacturing, mining and agricultural sectors within the 15 countries in Africa in which it operates.