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DSM-Firmenich partners with BESTMIX Software to drive sustainability in food value chain

DSM-firmenich and BESTMIX software, through their partnership, unlock the value of sustainable feed production with Sustell. (Image source: BESTMIX Software)

Leading innovator in health, nutrition, and beauty, DSM-Firmenich has entered into partnership with leader in feed and pet food production solutions, BESTMIX Software to measure and manage the environmental footprint of animal feed

Bringing together BESTMIX Software's feed formulation with SustellTM full life cycle assessment (LCA) platform, the partnership allows customers to generate and share their feed footprints easily. This solution enables feed producers to report the environmental impact of their feed, leveraging existing data in their trusted BESTMIX software suite. 

Not only does this collaboration support feed producers to address future demands of feed labelling, but also helps farmers to accurately quantify the impact of products such as eggs, meat, milk and farmed seafood on the environment. This means that feed producers, farmers, processors, food companies, and retailers are now able to accurately report their emissions, while also improving their sustainability practices. 

"Feed is a critical part of the food value chain. By connecting SustellTM with a well-known software player such as BESTMIX, we further realise our ambition to connect the entire farm-to-fork ecosystem," said vice president of Sustainability & Business Solutions at dsm-firmenich, Animal Nutrition & Health, David Nickell. "Reliable, easy-to-use LCA footprinting is the key to enabling cooperation throughout the value chain to meet the challenge and seize the opportunities related to sustainability.