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FarmERP uses tech-enabled platform to digitalise Cassava plantation growth

FarmERP, the next-generation farm management platform, has brought a specialised focus on helping Cassava farmers by extending the crop life & bringing plant mortality in Cassava plantations up by 40% through its tech-enabled platform

The platform aims to unlock the true potential of the Cassava plantation for the farmers to improve productivity, profitability and predictability. The company has successfully deployed this in Nigeria and shall further expand it to Thailand, Indonesia, Angola, Ghana. 

Cassava is a vital crop for millions of people globally. With its versatile applications in food, feed, and industrial sectors, Cassava is crucial in ensuring food security, livelihoods, and economic growth. However, Cassava plantation farm faces several challenges, namely pest and disease management, weather extremes as the crop requires adequate moisture to grow and develop, and most essentially, detecting mortality during the early stage of the crop and planning replanting activity as this is time-consuming and labour-intensive work. To address the same, FarmERP, with its tech-enabled platform, aims to digitalise the Cassava growth journey. 

FarmERP’s FarmGyan – AI, ML, Computer vision, and deep learning shall help users to make well-informed decisions. Using drone imagery, an intelligent model powered by AI will count the number of plants and identify weed infestation. Making informed decisions about crop management, such as re-plantation and organising weed control strategies, is made easier with the help of this information. Additionally, it will promote the use of sensors, agribots, drones, and other IoT devices in precision farming. Crop and soil moisture detection, crop water requirements, and irrigation practise management are all made possible by satellite-based crop health monitoring tools. This enables prompt response to crop stress.

Overall, FarmGyan will help to achieve efficient and effective crop management and support FarmERP’s 3Ps to Cassava Plantation Management, ultimately resulting in higher yields and increased profitability.