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Fliegl expands trailer range to include tipper semi-trailer

The ZHKA 350 tipper semi-trailer is based on a lightweight, high-performance design for maximum transport efficiency. (Image source: Fliegl)

The innovative ZHKA 350 2-axle rear tipping semi-trailer has an aluminium body, offering a range of features designed for optimum performance and versatility

With a gross vehicle weight of approximately 31 tonnes and an unladen weight of approximately 6 tonnes, depending on the equipment, the ZHKA 350 offers an impressive payload. Thanks to the nova-grey curved frame front, which saves weight in favour of the payload and stabilises the frame, as vertically acting forces are optimally bundled and transferred to the fifth wheel coupling plate. 

Moreover, the presence of a steel guide on the underside of the curved chassis has a rounded shape, which makes manoeuvring easier, as there is more freedom of movement for the tractor unit without corner surfaces. In addition, 9,300 mm long aluminium body, being conical in shape, allows even moist materials like manure and silage to slide off easily, thus favouring the unloading of any agricultural transport goods. 

The rear wall with rubber seal and turnbuckles as well as the 400x400 mm grain hatch make the ZHKA 350 versatile for a wide range of transport goods, including grain and even rapeseed as well as moist loads such as manure. No liquid escapes, as the body is completely sealed. Particularly noteworthy is the pendulum rear wall with double-jointed hinges and double hook locking, which enables lateral levelling of up to 300 mm and fast unloading.

The air suspension with tilt lowering results in a very smooth ride on the road. This feature is optional and can also be deactivated if required. To secure the load, the ZHKA 350 is supplied with a roller tarpaulin with platform as standard. The standing platform at the front of the Fliegl tipper semi-trailer is bolted directly to the sleeve of the tipping cylinder, allowing the platform to swivel backwards over the fifth-wheel plate when tipped up, reducing the overhang forwards over the kingpin.

The compressed air supply and electrical connections are installed on the platform, allowing the driver to couple the connections while standing.  Another optional feature is the hydraulic TopLift Light folding roof which provides a simple and quick cover for silage and wood chips and, depending on the equipment variant, can be conveniently controlled from the driver's seat through a radio remote control.

With this semi-trailer, Fliegl Agrartechnik GmbH is further expanding its product range in the agro-truck sector and offering a more cost-effective alternative to the push-off semitrailer.

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