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Mobile software startup, Gripp launches a mobile solution to resolve persistent operational challenges in various segments of the agri-food supply chain

AdobeStock 367326554Gripp digitises equipment management processes to allow manufacturers and farmers to be more proactive. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

Besides consolidating routines and information across any type of operational asset, Gripp also digitises equipment management processes, thereby encouraging proactivity among farmers and manufacturers on things like food safety requirements and preventative maintenance, among others. 

By harnessing the potential of the latest technology, Gripp manages to transform once casual artifacts like an in-field video or odometer image into recordable information, which can be stored and referred to when required. Moreover, operational information about a company can be accessed from a single dashboard, thus helping to address issues surrounding scheduling and overspending, along with other areas of wastage. 

"The problem we are solving is perpetuated by the complexity across the equipment landscape, labor skills, and the parts supply chain," said Gripp CEO, Tracey Wiedmeyer

According to Elliott Parker, CEO of High Alpha Innovation, Gripp’s solution can be applied across the entire agri-food supply chain, and will be particularly suitable for food processors and consumer packaged goods companies. 

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