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How JOSKIN’s multi-talented Drakkar transformed the world of agricultural transport

In 2011, the Belgian agricultural machinery manufacturer JOSKIN presented a completely new machine concept that revolutionised the world of agricultural transport: the Drakkar

Consisting of a trailer with a conveyor belt combined with a mobile front wall, the Drakkar can be used to transport all types of goods (silage, grain, pulp, beets, potatoes, vegetables, etc.) throughout the year, and ensures maximum profitability for the farmer. The low design of the machine allows it to have a higher loading volume and improve the stability of the machine with a centre of gravity close to the ground. The Polyfont side walls also reduce the empty weight of the vehicle, thus increasing its payload.

The Drakkar has a unique, high-speed unloading system using a hermetic conveyor belt coupled with a mobile front wall, thus allowing a safe unloading without tipping, without compressing the transported material. The hermetic and shock-absorbing conveyor belt is pulled to a reel at the rear of the machine by two powerful hydraulic motors. Since the floor is ribbed and perforated, there is no suction effect, allowing the belt to slide easily and without tensile stress. The floor also has the advantage of being self-cleaning, thus avoiding dirt under the conveyor belt.

When unloading, the front wall is pulled by the conveyor belt towards the rear of the body. It accompanies the material without compressing it for a complete emptying in one phase, and without residues. It does not exert any pressure on the material and creates an optimal tightness throughout the unloading process. It is therefore a ‘pulling’ system, not a ‘pushing’ one. For an efficient emptying, the Drakkar has a high clearance rear door. When unloading some materials, it is better to open the door only slightly, or to leave it closed and empty through the grain chutes provided for this purpose.

The hitching system of the Drakkar is compatible with all tractors. The drawbar provides a perfect traction line, making the vehicle easier to pull. The hydraulic parking skid ‘disappears’ completely when the Drakkar is in the hitched position. It can be completely integrated into the drawbar, which provides an ideal ground clearance. 

The Drakkar is thus prepared for difficult working conditions like ruts, mud, etc. since no mechanical parts are located lower than the hitch. The narrow beam drawbar offers a very high resistance and allows a large steering angle. In addition, it is equipped as standard with a suspension system consisting of a sprung drawbar for the double-axle models and hydraulic for triple-axle vehicles, which provides the user with an optimal driving comfort for long working days. The hydraulic rear bumper can also be folded when not in use, and thus prevents material heaps. Moreover, it fully complies with European certification standards.

The JOSKIN running gears have always been known to customers for their ease of traction and driving comfort. The tried and tested Roll-Over bogie and Hydro-Tandem/Tridem systems provide stability and reliability as well as an unrivalled driving comfort on all terrains, that the driver will appreciate.

Many functions of the Drakkar are controlled ‘electrohydraulically’ via a control box in the cabin. It allows adjusting the drawbar suspension, managing the belt drive, and controlling the door opening. Moreover, the unloading/loading of bales and pallets is also easily possible directly from the rear of the machine. In addition, the machine can also be controlled via ISOBUS. Furthermore, all Drakkar machines are standard fitted with various pieces of pre-equipment to easily add various options, either at the time of the order or years after the purchase.