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JOSKIN introduces MODULO2: The Swiss army knife of slurry tankers

As the name suggests, the JOSKIN MODULO2 is an extremely modular slurry tanker having capacities ranging from 2,500 to 20,000 litres. This fully galvanised model (tank and drawbar) has a unique design that piques the interest of farms of all sizes, agricultural cooperatives and even contractors

The fact that you can choose the options to fit your needs makes the device a real Swiss army knife of slurry tankers. For example, wheel diameter can be adjusted on single and double-axle models, making it suitable for both wet and/or soft ground. Furthermore, the sprung drawbar not only offers you great comfort, but also allows you to change the position of the leaves according to the inclination of the tank. 

A spiral pump or the garda/vacuum combination is also possible. In addition to this, the size of the pump can be modified depending on the volume of the tank and the user’s choice. The parking stand is located centrally under the drawbar, which allows a loaded vehicle to be unhitched and has the advantage of preventing the vehicle from twisting when parked.

Highlighting the comfort offered by the device, the double-axle tankers are all equipped with the famous “Roll-Over” bogie which has been designed in such a way that the position of the leaves under the axle squares not only lowers the centre of gravity, but also improves the traction in difficult conditions.

The Modulo2 is also designed to be fitted with implements such as injectors or spreading booms. Therefore, in case you wish to add these at the back of the tank, the bogie which is bolted to the galvanised chassis, will allow you to move the running gear back, just like with the single axle. It is important to note that adding weight to the rear of the tanker will change the balance of your machine and changing the position of the axles will allow you to distribute the weight more evenly or give more weight on the tractor for use in more difficult conditions. 

As for the pumping systems available, there are at least five choices: the traditional side valve, the hydraulic and hermetic upper door, the sequential arm going down on the left or right and requiring only one hydraulic function, the side articulated arm or the dorsal boom. A turbo-filler with a hydraulically driven motor can be added to all these tools. The machine also has a very limited overhang once a spreading equipment is added, making it easy to be manoeuvred in areas with difficult access.

Moving on to the 750 eyelet options available, the most common and useful ones worth noting include the bolted eyelets which can be used in place of welded ones. These offer ease and speed of change in case of wear or if the user wants to change it. It is also important to keep in mind that when working with an injector, it is not easy to know when the tank is empty. There are various ways in which you can avoid this problem. For example, using a large sight glass, a float gauge or oblong sight glasses enables you to view the level inside the tank. Moreover, the fact that these can be placed wherever you want comes as an added advantage.