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As one of the best sellers in the JOSKIN muck spreader range, the 'new generation' Tornado has been given a number of improvements, as well as an upgraded design

a redesigned and optimised bodyWhether it is the body or some of the components, such as the drawbar or beater frame, the Tornado is manufactured in high tensile steel. (Image source: JOSKIN)

Since its creation in the late 1990s, the Tornado muck spreader has continued to evolve and the basics on which it has built its reputation have continued to be improved. The body of the new generation Tornado is now more tapered and the side walls are smooth in order to make emptying and cleaning easier. The rear side has also been widened to increase the spreading regularity. The hydraulic pipes are now integrated into the upper body edge strip, and therefore protected from any contact with the material. Finally, the mudguard has been redesigned with a 45° inclination to avoid material heaps on the machine. 

Whether it is the body or some of the components, such as the drawbar or beater frame, the Tornado is manufactured in high tensile steel. This steel is characterised by its resistance and dynamic properties. It is therfore not necessary to add any body side reinforcements, which considerably reduces the machine empty weight. As for the beaters, they are designed to minimise the vibrations of the machine. 

The front wall of the body is perforated for better visibility from the tractor cab, and a headboard prevents the material from falling onto the drawbar. The moving floor is made of steel tubes and two shipping chains, the tension of which can be adjusted by means of two easily accessible mechanical side tensioners. The moving floor moves over a welded high tensile steel floor and brings the manure to the spreading device which, being wider than the body, allows the conveyed material to expand before ejection by the beaters. The direction of rotation can be reversed from the tractor via a double-acting hydraulic control valve

The single-axle Tornado has an oversized axle bolted under the body which can be moved easily, allowing perfect balance with sufficient weight on the eyelet regardless of the chosen tyre configuration. The double-axle models are equipped as standard with a free-steering axle and a Hydro-Tandem hydraulic suspension, which ensures traction ease and an optimal stability. Moreover, whether equipped with one or two axles, the Tornado is available with either vertical beaters or with a spreading table and horizontal beaters. Depending on the model, the capacity can vary from 8.6 m³ for the smallest model to 22.4 m³ for the largest one.

Models with vertical beaters are less expensive, low-maintenance and the most common on the market. They are designed to spread heavier manure with straw over an area of 7 to 16 m, depending on the material spread. On the other hand, the concept of HORIZON spreaders is based on the same principles as their vertical version, but with horizontal beaters and a spreading table. The latter has been designed to crumble and project light materials such as compost, lime, chicken manure, etc over large widths (from 12 to 22 m), as well as for smaller quantities (up to a minimum of 5 m³/ha).

The Tornado is fitted as standard with a simplified closed-circuit hydraulic drawbar suspension and air brakes for an unmatched driving comfort. A galvanised access ladder, a hydraulic skid, a wide-angle PTO- shaft and retractable full LED lights also complete a rather extensive standard equipment.