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K+ Energy: even better performance, versatility and safety

The K+ Energy range is now being expanded, including models for both small and medium flow rates

Caprari for wastewater management’s K+ Energy electric pump offers truly revolutionary features. This is thanks to its exclusive and internationally patented DRY WET SYSTEM: a truly unique cooling system that allows one electric pump model to be used for both submersed installations and applications in dry chambers, guaranteeing excellent reliability even when liquid levels inside the tank are unknown. 

Advantages offered by the K+ Energy range include:

Excellent energy savings: IE3 efficiency class motors guarantee premium efficiency to cut costs.

Versatility: a DryWet system means the K+ Energy range can be used for any type of application, thus allowing for considerable stock reduction.

Maximum ease of maintenance and handling: usability is greatly enhanced thanks to the standard plug (which allows the electric pump to be removed without having to disconnect the cables from the panel), the large micro-cast stainless steel handle, and the new system for disassembling the pump side mechanical seals.

Reliability and operational safety: the conductivity probe in the oil chamber (also in the Atex version), the temperature probes, and the double mechanical seal are all design solutions aimed at guaranteeing total protection for the electrical components.

Moreover, the Caprari non-stop system ensures continuity of wet end operation even under the most severe operating conditions.

Being sustainable, for Caprari, means going beyond the declarations of principles and translating our values into a daily and credible commitment.

Caprari develops its products using a sustainable approach that includes environmental care and optimisation of energy use. K+ Energy was designed according to this vision. Thanks to its features the K+ Energy range allows low energy consumption, thanks to motors in IE3 class, including a great reduction of CO2 consumption and 90% reduction in the amount of oil required to lubricate the mechanical seals, thus less pollution is produced.

Browse the new website to find out all the features of the K+ ENERGY model.