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Knapsack power mist duster

GUARANY INDUSTRIA E Comercio, a Brazilian family owned company specialises in pumps and spraying systems. As a result of its mission is to offer high quality and efficient products, it has developed a whole new spraying concept, integrating the operator to the equipment while providing state of the art equipment.

The Symmetrical Knapsack Sprayer is ideal for precise and rational application of agrochemicals and liquid fertilizers, resulting in more efficiency and low cost per area. Light, versatile and resistant, thissprayers has an ergonomic tank, improving the operator’s comfort.

Due to its symmetry, it does not exceed the 25 kg weight, which is recommended by the WHO, and, it can be easily adapted to left- or right-handed operators with no need of tools. Guarany equipment also comes with spare part kits and a special nozzle for herbicides. Each accessory is suitable for a specific use: several types of booms (vertical, horizontal and extensions), antibudding applicator for tobacco, flow rate regulators, special nozzles to facilitate application, resulting in an even and precise application, avoiding drift in order to achieve better results.

Guarany has set new standards in this market by launching a knapsack Power Mist Duster, powered with a 18 litre Kawasaki engine, which can be used with efficiency to atomise, seed and to apply powder or granular products, saving time and facilitating the harvest of cocoa, coffee, tea and chestnut. This equipment can also be used as a blower, assuring the cleanness of storage areas, contributing for the quality of the seeds. Trading with more than 50 countries, including eleven in sub- Saharan Africa, Guarany is recognised as one of the most important manufacturer of spraying equipment in the world.