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LEMKEN introduces new trailer for large furrow presses

When ploughing, furrow presses are mainly used if there is not enough time for the soil to settle gradually and tilth to form naturally

Furrow presses immediately restore capillary action and therefore retain moisture in the soil. LEMKEN, the plough specialist, is now introducing a new trailer for its proven VarioPack furrow press, which allows even large furrow presses used with six-furrow or larger mounted and semi-mounted ploughs to be easily transported by road.

The VarioPack with trailer is coupled with the tractor through a cross shaft and with a transport width of 2.8 m. Even narrow field tracks should pose no problem. As the trailer is EU-approved for speeds of up to 40 km/h, VarioPack presses can be quickly and easily transported to the field. The implement is switched hydraulically from its transport to its working position from the cab. The arms of the VarioPack can be adjusted vertically, laterally and in length, allowing them to be optimally adapted to any given conditions. This ensures reliable capture even on slopes, and the furrow press can be run close to the plough to minimise side draft. 

The trailer is available for large VarioPack double furrow presses with 70 or 90 cm rings.