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Mapeks Organics boosts product quality with TOMRA Blizzard

Mapeks Organics has invested in the TOMRA Blizzard optical sorting machine, which aims to improve product quality and increase capacity

Mustafa Memur, board chairman of Mapeks Organics said, “Frozen organic fruit production is an important and emerging industry for the future. It is essential that our products are of high quality and comply with food safety and hygiene standards. Utilising optical sorting machines offers many benefits in crucial areas such as increasing product quality, ensuring food safety, retaining high product standards, and reducing product loss. That is why we chose the Blizzard optical sorting machine and placed it in our facility in Afyon.”  

Mapeks Organics uses the Blizzard mostly for processing strawberries, cherries, apricots, and pomegranates. Memur added that consistent product quality and yield should be achieved at the same time as high production volumes.

“With Blizzard, we will be able to remove defective products and foreign materials from the production line, thereby increasing yield. We know that despite our varying product types and challenging working conditions, the Blizzard sorting machine will achieve a higher performance even in long shifts.” 

The Blizzard's high-resolution cameras are combined with pulsed LED light for strong imaging contrast, achieving accuracy close to that of sorters with laser technology. This results in highly efficient removal from foreign materials and products with colour and shape defects from the production line.    

TOMRA Food Turkey's Sales Manager for Processed Food, Bugra Bulut said, “The sorting performance and effectiveness of the Blizzard is impressive. Unwanted product defects, foreign materials, and shape distortions are removed with such precision that waste of saleable product is minimised and yield is maximised. This is due to the intensity of the pulsed LED lights, which ensures more accurate sorting than traditionally lit machines.”