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Maschio Gaspardo’s new agricultural solutions

Maschio Gaspardo has introduced two new models of high-speed precision seeders including MTE CHRONO and RENATA CHRONO during SIMA agribusiness show

These new products enrich the already wide range of seeders offered by GASPARDO for precision planting.

The highest level of productivity matches the agronomic advantages of an extremely versatile planting unit. From conventional to minimum tillage and even no-till, this planter can perform in a wide range of conditions, always ensuring the best accuracy of seed placement.

The seed transport airflow is independent of the vacuum system thanks to the volumetric lobe compressor and it can be set according to seed type and working speed. It ensures perfect seed placement even when the working speed is low or with small seeds.

This independent compressed air circuit, with adjustable flow, allows the planter to adapt immediately to every seed type and working speed. The metering unit has been designed to ensure minimum wearing of the components and maximum reliability in any working condition, those solutions cut the periodic maintenance costs and reduce machine downtime.

Two GASPARDO planters are equipped with CHRONO: MTE and RENATA. The MTE CHRONO with a telescopic frame is available with six rows with a spacing of 70, 75 and 80 cm, while RENATA CHRONO, semi-mounted version, is available with eight rows, 70 or 75 cm spacing. The two planters can be equipped with fertiliser hoppers, with a capacity of respectively 1200 and 1600 litres.

Julia Isotronic

Julia Isotronic 16-rows is available with a double pressurised tank, to ensure a uniform seed distribution for an optimal sowing quality, with a full capacity of 9000 litres: 2000 litres for seeds and 7000 litres for the fertiliser.

Gigante Pressure

The no-till drill units are independent and reinforced for better durability and efficiency. The new coulter with an exclusive profile for excellent soil penetration and higher wear resistance guarantees the best quality of seeding. Thanks to two independent spring loaded arms, the unit achieves both a uniform seeding depth and a proper seed furrow closure, applying a high down pressure (up to 260 kg).

Fertilisation: PRIMO, new fertiliser spreader

The technological evolution in the field of fertilisation has led to the design of the fertiliser spreader line entirely built by Maschio Gaspardo. The first PRIMO model was exposed at SIMA 2015, available in two versions: PRIMO M with manual adjustment and PRIMO EW with electronic adjustment and setting.

Maschio Gaspardo developed the new SPREADER APP. It is necessary to insert some data such as fertiliser category, fertiliser type, disc type, spreading width, working speed and fertiliser rate; the APP instantaneously gives back to the user all the parameters to be set on the spreader and a quick recap of the fertiliser specs.

SC Pro Bio

The BIO version of the SC rotary tiller features several accessories: rear wheels, frontal wheels (300 mm), track eradicator, the anti-clogging device (polymeric material or INOX), levelling bar, and 3° point floating. This machine is mainly used for bio-fumigation, that consists in incorporating fresh plants in the uppermost layer of soil (5 cm), working up to 10 km/h.


Maschio Gaspardo renews its seedbed cultivator SANDOKAN, with a new frame available in three working widths: four, five and six meters. SANDOKAN prepares the seedbed producing fine soil in depth and small clods on the surface.

Pantera L

Maschio Gaspardo extends its range of folding rotary tillers with the new PANTERA L, optimal equipment to prepare a regular seedbed, mixing and burying a large number of crop residues. To meet all farmer needs, PANTERA L is available in different sizes: 3.70 meters, 4.20 metres, 4.70 metres, suitable for tractors up to 320 HP.

Artiglio Folding

In order to meet the expectations of farmers, Maschio Gaspardo has introduced a mounted subsoiler called ARTIGLIO, with a new folding version. The solid structure makes it suitable for high-powered wheeled or tracked tractors, up to 400 HP.


UFO is a disc harrow for the intensive tillage of soil and residue. The sturdy structure, combined with 610 mm discs, allows greater versatility reaching a maximum working depth of 12 cm.

Tempo Ultra

Due to GASPARDO know-how in the crop protection technology, the new mounted sprayer TEMPO ULTRA has been developed, entirely designed by the Research and Development department. A compact and easy-to-use machine with great autonomy, thanks to its 1,300, 1,600 or 2,000 l tanks and compact dimensions, which make it suitable for medium-large farms. It can be equipped with distribution bars with 21, 24 and 27 meters extension.

Reached 35,000 round balers

Maschio Gaspardo’s round balers have reached a new milestone: 35,000 machines produced in the plant of Cremona since the introduction of these models in the market in the 80s. The Variable Geometry, which characterises Extreme 2 and Extreme 3 models, represents the best in class solution in terms of forage conservation quality.

The strength of Variable Geometry is the hydraulic rocker arms system: the first rocker arm determines the pressure and the diameter of the bale, with the possibility of creating a pre-chamber at zero pressure with a maximum diameter of 90 cm, while the second arm compensates automatically the belts tensioning to maintain the chamber widely open.

In the case of very dry products such as straw or silage forages, the pressure can be set easily from the cab (up to a maximum of 210 bar), creating a hardcore that optimises bale weight and storage efficiency. From the core to the external layer, the pressure is adjustable in three stages to achieve the required compression.