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Meyn releases new bone detection system

Meyn has introduced the Meyn BoneScan 440 ADX, a new bone detection system that promises a high level of accuracy even when running at high capacity

The Meyn BoneScan 440 ADX can process up to 250 butterflies or 440 split fillets per minute and the system's new dual energy X-ray imaging technology and analysing software guarantee detection rates of 99 per cent or higher.

With a false reject rate of less than three per cent on all important bone types, the system meets quick service restaurants (QSR) specifications.

The Meyn BoneScan 440 ADX detects calcified bones as small as 2 mm and can also detect metal, glass and stone.

Products that are suspected to contain bone or other contaminants are automatically removed from the product flow and dropped in a bin or onto a discharge conveyor for further manual inspection.

The new detection software makes it possible to process a wide product weight range within one setting. This avoids the need to sort products by weight first, as the weight of the individual products is automatically determined by the software, ensuring an optimum scanning accuracy.

Suspected fillets are visualised at the rework station, enabling the operator to find detected bones.

A reporting tool creates clear overviews of statistics and event logs, giving an easy-to-understand insight into the production performance.