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Meyn unveils high-speed slaughter solution

Meyn has unveiled Killer M2.0, a high-speed slaughter solution offering flexibility, precision, and safety

Poultry processing requires continuous investment in developments to meet today’s challenges, declining margins, demand fluctuations, food safety and workers’ safety. These are all factors to consider. Meyn realised that smart processing solutions are the answers to these challenges.

After the release of the iconic Meyn Maestro Plus for fully automated in-line giblet harvesting, the Meyn Rapid Plus M4.2 breast deboner, and the recently released Meyn Wing cutter HY Pro, a leading slaughtering solution was needed to accommodate continuous increasing line speeds and improve food- and worker’s safety. 

This first half of 2021, the Meyn Killer M2.0 has set its stainless-steel feet on the processing floor. 

The Meyn Killer M2.0 has three unique advantages:

1. High performance and precise cut for line speeds up to 15,000 bph

The Meyn Killer M2.0 executes a uniform and controlled cut for an optimum bleed-out. Due to the new guide mechanisms, shackle movement is limited, dragging is reduced, and the head is fixed uniformly. The neck is stretched to allow an optimal cut, ensuring maximum performance.

2.  Flock and cut adjustment within seconds

The new Killer M2.0 is designed to reduce the adjustment time substantially. A huge benefit for processors having to deal with different flock sizes, switching between frontal cut or decapitation and changing stun methods.

The M2.0 offers three different electrical adjustments, allowing to switch and adapt within seconds:

-Adapt height of the cutting unit to flock size

-Switch between frontal cut or decapitation

-Optimise the head guide angle after controlled atmosphere or electrical stunning

Processors with consistent and uniform flocks have the option to order the Killer M2.0 with economical, mechanical adjustments. 

3. Smart design increases (food) safety

Food safety is top of mind. Regulations are becoming stricter every year. Making it challenging to keep up, especially for the slaughtering department. Smart design of processing solutions helps poultry plants come a long way. 

The Killer M2.0’s control panels and buttons for daily operations are placed away from moving parts and knives, separated by sliding doors. The doors are fitted with grids, offering perfect visual tracking of the process at eye level and making it easier for the operator to adjust the machine when needed, while staying safe.

Finally, the Killer M2.0 is designed for maximum hygiene. The product zone is easily accessible for cleaning and inspection. The open underpart of the solution avoids pilling up of dirt in the machine. The designed frame eludes collected water, avoiding bacteria growth.