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Moba, a producer of high-quality integrated systems for the grading, packaging and processing of consumption eggs, has raised the bar for egg processing with the introduction of the Crono9 loader

Crono9 loaderMoba has made it possible to load eggs at the highest possible capacity (225,000 eggs per hour). (Image source: Moba)

With the launch of the new Crono loader, Moba has made it possible to load eggs at the highest possible capacity (225,000 eggs per hour).

The newest member of the Crono family features all the benefits the processing plants have come to expect from the Crono brand, including the use of the innovative Multilink servo-assisted auto-adjusting technology that combines maximum efficiency and performance with gentle egg handling. Due to this revolutionary piece of technology, the loader can be easily adapted to a variety of different types of eggs and trays, which significantly reduces loading downtime.

Dual feeding arm

With the introduction of the revolutionary Crono9, Moba has raised the bar even further. The new loader is equipped with a new feature, the dual feeding arm, that increases the capacity to 225,000 eggs per hour. The Crono9 is now even able to match the capacity of the Synchro626, the largest egg breaker/separator in the world. Additional advantages the Crono9 has to offer:

- Compact stainless steel design for improved hygiene and robustness

-Small footprint with a wide variety of possible layouts, making it easy to adapt to customer requirements

-The equipment is fully servo driven, drastically reducing maintenance time

-Better accessibility for quick and easy cleaning to meet the highest hygiene standards

-Capable of handling the most challenging eggs and trays:

          -Two-step egg release system, specially designed for second-grade eggs

          -Contactless stuck egg detection for empty trays that accurately detects stuck eggs on flats without misplacing them 

          -Four-sided tray pickup that works especially well with wet trays 

          -Multizone automatic foaming cleaning system (optional)