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New range of front mowers

Pöttinger has revamped the classic range of front mowers and has launched four new models: the new NOVACAT 261 and 301 classic disc mowers and the EUROCAT 271 and 311 classic drum mowers




The new classics

This is the first time that the disc mower range features the NOVACAT 261 with a working width of 2.62 m. With a working width of 3.04 m, the NOVACAT 301 classic is the bestseller among the front disc mowers. The new classics are equipped with the proven NOVACAT disc cutter bar. In addition, the quick-change knife system is implemented as standard to make these disc mowers even easier to service.

Drum-type mowers are known for their clog-free, clean cut: Pöttinger's mower drum technology specialises in smooth crop flow and excellent clearance. EUROCAT classic front drum mowers are available in two different working widths: the EUROCAT 271 classic with a working width of 2.7 m and the EUROCAT 311 with a working width of 3.05 m. Both are also available with central infinitely-variable cutting height adjustment.

The compact lightweights

Low weight and compact design are critical to the philosophy for the new classic front mowers. Short headstocks and the implementation of lightweight pressed components are important features.

The headstock and weight alleviation springs have been optimised and are now even easier to operate. Two new oversized springs ensure that the mower is evenly counterbalanced across the full freedom of movement. The ball joints in the linkages give the cutter bar smooth, multi-dimensional freedom of movement. The mower unit is precision-guided over bumps in the ground. As a result, perfect ground hugging is a key feature here too. Stabiliser springs are integrated into the headstock to keep the mower centred when raised during transport

The new beauty

In addition to the new look, product development focused on the objective of making things easier. The maintenance intervals on the PTO shafts has been increased, accessibility improved and an oil level dipstick fitted to the transmissions to make oil level checks easier. The swath discs can now be adjusted more easily as a group. Additional swath discs are available for use with loader wagons.

If required, the mowers can also be supplied with hydraulic side guard folding.