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Pottinger's mower technology enhances forage quality

Pöttinger’s ALPHA MOTION technology on the NOVACAT and EUROCAT has been helping farmers all over the world for a number of years

With the new MASTER and PRO models, mowing and best forage have taken on a new dimension. 

The MASTER and PRO models are attached to the tractor using a three-point mount, thus eliminating the need for mounting via the Weiste A-frame. 

The MASTER models have the linkage system from the ALPHA MOTION mowers as well as a sturdy cutter bar with TRI DRIVE for better power transmission and an extended service life.

The NOVACAT disc mower bars are developed and built at the main factory in Grieskirchen (AT). The aim to achieve first-class cutting quality, low drag resistance and strength, just as TRI DRIVE for better power transmission.

Advanced linkage geometry of the carrier frame

“With the ALPHA MOTION headstock, the entire carrier frame adapts to the ground contours. The carrier frame slants downwards on downhill gradients and upwards when ascending. Even at high speed and on wet ground, thanks to perfect guidance over every contour, the result is a unique quality of sward protection. The MASTER provides ground tracking of + /- 16° crossways and + 13° / -7° in the direction of travel while the PRO users benefit from +/- 16° crossways and +12° / -9° in the direction of travel,” stated the company.

The mechanical components are subjected to much less stress thanks to the harmonious flow of the mower and, as a result, wear is reduced and the service life of the mower extended considerably.

The small fine difference

ALPHA MOTION MASTER front mowers are 34 cm closer to the tractor due to their short headstock. The centre of gravity is nearer to the tractor. At the same time, the distribution of weight between the front and rear axles has been improved.

With a weight saving of more than 40 kg, fuel consumption is minimised. The ground clearance in the transport position is 30 cm on all models. Due to the limited mounting space, however, it is not possible to fit ALPHA MOTION MASTER models with ED or RCB conditioners. The joy of mowing also has to do with appearance: The new models feature an attractive front mower design with the eye-catching light gray carrier frame.

The new NOVACAT ALPHA MOTION PRO front mowers has display of the correct lifting height in working position from the cab and folding front guard. This makes the cutter bar very easily accessible. Also cleaning and blade replacement is easier. Another advantage is the convenient adjustment of the suspension springs. The cover can be removed for this purpose. The central greasing points on the headstock make servicing even easier. The optimised drive train does not require a safety chain for the PTO shafts.

According to Pöttinger, the disc mowers can be used without conditioner with swath doors or in combination with an ED tine conditioner or RCB roller conditioner. The numerous advantages convinced an international jury at Agritechnica 2019 and the unique front mower received the “Machine of the Year 2020” award.

Pöttinger mowers set to provide maximum convenience with the best ground tracking and cutting quality, low disintegration losses and high precision work without time-consuming adjustments. The NOVACAT and EUROCAT ALPHA MOTION MASTER and PRO mower offer these advantages, providing the basis for optimum forage quality and as a consequence the best forage.