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Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter achieves eight-month ROI, boosting efficiency and sustainability

Russell Finex offers 90 years of global specialisation in sieving and filtration equipment. (Image source: Russell Finex)

Milhans, a leading nut product producer, experienced a return on investment in just eight months by adopting high-temperature self-cleaning filters for their cooking oil recovery process

By replacing their 80-micron paper filtration system with a 50-micron self-cleaning filter, Milhans overcame challenges such as downtime, inconsistent filtration quality, and low throughput. 

The solution seamlessly integrated with their production process, offering benefits such as:
• Enhanced productivity by minimising downtime and automating processes
• Improved filtration quality and throughput rates with finer micron filtration and a self-cleaning design
• Operator safety with an enclosed design, reducing exposure to hot oil
• Achieved ROI in just eight months, solely by eliminating the need for replacement paper filter cartridges

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