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Topcon reveals new feed management platform options for resource optimisation

Topcon Agriculture announces advances in its TAP FEED management cloud-based software platform for dairy and beef operations

Platform options now include the free TAP FEED App, and the subscription-based TAP FEED Lite and TAP Feed Pro for dairy producers. For feed advisors, consultants and nutritionists, the new TAP FEED Advisor customer management tool is also now available.

TAP FEED integrates feed management software with feed mixer scales, which efficiently combine ingredients, forming a total mixed ration (TMR). Mixer weighing systems allow users to manage and track feed loads to improve efficiency, reduce waste, and support calculated management strategies. 

“The easy-to-use feed management software is tied directly to proven feed mixer weighing technology, including mobile app and cloud integration, representing the latest evolution in modern feed management,” said Michael Stone, vice president of product development for Topcon Agriculture. “Precise management decreases waste and increases performance. With feed accounting for over 50% of operating costs, precision management is essential for profitability.” 

Two new add-ons are also available, one providing the ability to connect TAP FEED subscriptions to third-party feed management and technology such as herd management, feed suppliers, and more. The other add-on is an advanced inventory manager allowing users to manage and track feed inventory, including input ordering features, ingredient and inventory management, re-ordering systems, inventory alerts and reports.

“For the feed company and consulting side of the industry, we are excited to launch TAP FEED Advisor. Many farmers manually report feeding results to their advisors. By adopting a digital workflow approach, advisors can remotely monitor their client’s activities, create reports, analyse use, and provide insights for improved profitability in real-time,” he said.