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Van Aarsen introduces cost-effective, high capacity GD hammer mills

Van Aarsen is a developer, a manufacturer and a supplier of state-of-the-art machines and complete feed mill solutions for the production of compound feed and premixes globally

The company has introduced the GD hammer mill with automatic screen exchange system and frequency controlled motor.

The hammer mill is equipped with a large breaker plate in the upper section of the grinding chamber. The right particle size is achieved through multiple impact action in the top section of the chamber, after which the ground product exits the mill through the screen at the bottom.

The screens have a direct effect on the end-product quality and the hammer mill's capacity. The combination of the perforation size and open area (the number of holes) in a screen determine the particle size, particle variation and the grinding capacity. The larger the perforation opening, the coarser the ground product. The mill’s capacity is directly proportional to the open screen area.

The hammer tip speed plays a huge role in determining the particle size of the ground product. A higher tip speed means a higher impact and finer grind. The tip speed shall be set based on the ingredients and the desired end-product. The hammer tip speed can be controlled via a frequency controller.

Van Aarsen offers an automatic screen exchange system that holds 3 different screen perforations. Depending on the recipe in use, the screen exchange system automatically positions the right screen plates in the hammer mill screen holder, thereby reducing the screen changeover time from 20 minutes to just 1 minute to facilitate higher capacity and reduced labour.

The automatic screen exchange system can be combined with a frequency controller which regulates the hammer tip speed. By adjusting the hammer tip speed to suit the screen perforation, the ideal setting can be chosen for achieving the right particle size and variation while maintaining capacity at the desired level. The GD is characterised by a low energy consumption of approximately 7 kWh/tonne.

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