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"New Generation” Tornado: the Universal Spreader with Narrow Body!

The new-generation JOSKIN Tornado muck spreader boasts a redesigned, lighter body, integrated hydraulics, and versatile beaters for improved performance. (Image source: Joskin)

JOSKIN's "new generation" Tornado is a remarkable evolution in muck spreaders, offering significant improvements and a modernised design

Since its creation in the late '90s, the Tornado has continued to improve, maintaining its reputation thanks to its narrow, lowered body and its performance on a variety of terrains.

The body of the new-generation Tornado has been redesigned for easier emptying and cleaning, with increased taper and smoothed side walls. The hydraulic lines are now integrated into the body, and the mudguards have been redesigned to avoid material build-up. The high tensile steel construction eliminates the need for additional side reinforcements, thus reducing the weight of the machine.

The moving floor of the body, made of steel tubes and shipping chains, can be adjusted to facilitate the movement of the manure to the spreading unit. The running gear of the Tornado is equipped with a hydraulic suspension for an easy traction and an optimal stability.

The Tornado is fitted as standard with a hydraulic drawbar suspension and air brakes for an optimal driving comfort. Two Tornado models are available: with vertical or horizontal beaters, offering transport capacities ranging from 8.6 m³ to 22.4 m³.

Vertical beaters are designed to spread heavier manure containing straw over a wide area, offering a precise crumbling and a high flow. They are available in three different body heights to meet farmers' needs.

Horizontal beaters, on the other hand, are designed for light materials such as compost or lime, offering a homogeneous distribution even at low flow. They are equipped with a safety system to prevent any malfunction.

In summary, JOSKIN's "new generation" Tornado represents a significant advance in muck spreaders, offering an improved performance, a sturdy design and versatile options to meet farmers' needs.