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Bringing down water use while maintaining yield

Results show almonds treated with Acadian biostimulants with improved Stem Water Potential in both stressed and non-stressed situations. (Image source: Acadian Plant Health)

Acadian Plan Health through its multi-year California almond water study, today, released expanded results demonstrating how biostimulant technologies can help growers reduce water use while maintaining yield

As chronic water shortages loom over the world, water reduction programmes are working to lower the local almond industry's water use by 20% from 2020-2025. Starting in 2026, California is looking to significantly reduce its water use, thus making biostimulant technologies all the more relevant for almond growers.

Starting from 2021, chosen almond trees were subjected to Acadian Organic treatments, following which weekly assessments of midday stem water potential were performed. Results from these assessments showed a consistent improvement in stem water potential and kernal weight in regular and deficit irrigation situations. 

According to director of Research and Development at Acadian Plant Health, Holly Little, the results were found to be promising. She highlighted that besides lowering stem water potential, these biostimulants can also lower the frequency or volume of irrigation required for the growth of healthy almond trees, while at the same time protecting yields. 

"As environmental and regulatory water restrictions challenge global agriculture, adopting multidisciplinary and holistic water management will be key to sustaining future orchard systems," said UC Davis Cooperative Extension Orchard Systems specialist Dr Guilia Marino. "These preliminary results suggest Acadian Plant Health's biostimulant technology has a positive effect on almond tree water status under experimental conditions and may reduce tree stress. Additional research will help determine the product's impact on orchard productivity, as well as tree physiology and productivity."