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Agrisem launches new seedbed cultivator tillage machine

French company Agrisem showcased its new seedbed cultivator tillage machine at the recent Agritechnica show in Hanover, Germany

The Vibrogerm enables all tillage operations to be combined so a seedbed can be prepared in one go. It can be used for reworking the soil as well as warming-up the seedbed before seeding in the Spring.
With 60cm clearance under its frame, the Vibrogerm is able to till between 5 and 15cm deep. It is available in three different widths of four, five and six metres.
The front cross-board with hydraulic depth control and 460mm diameter cage roller improves levelling and crumbling of the soil surface. There are either two or four rows of tines according to the configuration of the machine. The configuration with two rows has 16, 20, or 24 tines, while that with four rows has 40, 50 or 60 tines.
The tines are mounted on a separate frame and their working depth can be controlled from the tractor cab through hydraulic adjustments. Being able to accurately control the working depth helps produce a perfectly straight field, ready for seeding, and ensure good contact between the soil and seed in order to cultivate uniform crops.
Finally, a double 400mm diameter cross-kill roller presses again the upper level of the soil, helping prevent loss of moisture, before an optional 320mm diameter roller finishes it off.