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Angola starts coffee export to the USA

Angola has started exporting coffee to the USA with the first load of coffee from Angola arriving at New York this week

The Angola ambassador to the USA Agostinho Tavares confirmed to the press that the first load of coffee, weighing 11 tonnes, had successfully arrived in the country, with the second shipment scheduled to be sent in the next few days.

Tavares also pointed out that coffee is the first Angolan product to be exported to the USA under the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA), which allows sub-Saharan Africa countries duty-free access to the USA market.

The ambassador added that for Angolan coffee was experiencing high demand in the US.

The trade ministers of African countries benefiting from the Growth and Opportunities for Africa Act took part from 22 to 26 September in the 16th edition of the African Growth and Opportunity Act Forum, the ‘AGOA Forum.’

The AGOA, established in 2000 by the administration of former US President George Bush, was renewed in 2015 by the current US administration to take effect for another period of 15 years.