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CNH Industrial presents digital agricultural machinery fair YOUNIVERSE

CNH Industrial N.V. has launched YOUNIVERSE, the first digital agricultural machinery fair, to provide cutting-edge technological updates for farmers, contractors and dealers

YOUNIVERSE is introduced to reconnect with its customers, the farmers and the wider public. It is the world’s first digital agricultural machinery fair protagonist “You” is not just another live streaming event or virtual showroom, rather it aims to be an immersive as well a soft news experiment.

This is designed specifically for farmers, contractors and dealers for providing the virtual gateway to CNH Industrial’s global agricultural brands. Clients are able to access YOUNIVERSE through both an interactive website and mobile devices.

Each visitor of YOUNIVERSE is expected to lead by series of virtual landscapes and products on their journey of progressive discovery. It is set to provide a massive leap for users to explore the wide range of products, give insight about the titbits of  technological agricultural trends, having interaction with the brand specialist and provide the opportunity to meet with the industry experts.

YOUNIVERSE TV channel will broadcast a series of appealing webinars, exclusive speeches on interviews and keynotes, content from company experts, leading agricultural institutions such as European Agricultural Machinery Association ( CEMA), the DLG (German Agricultural Society) and agreefood representatives.