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European Union injects US$13.6mn into food research in Kenya

The European Union (EU) will spend US$13.6mn into developing research on the indigenous crops and livestock in the arid and semi-arid areas of Baringo county to boost food production in Kenya

According to the African EU coordinator responsible for agriculture, Dominic Davuu, the EU has issued its research contingency funds towards integrating all the possible economic products in Baringo county.

Working in partnership with the National Drought Management Authority, World Food Programme, the Kenya Research Development Programme, non-governmental organizations and the County Integrated Development Plan, the new mitigation plan is expected to strenghten food security in the region.

“The mitigation scheme will ensure farmers in Baringo county focus in drought resistant crops and livestock breeds that survive in adverse conditions and produce throughout the year,” said Davuu.

"We are particular on cassava, millet, sorghum, honey and livestock production that do well in the county especially ASAL areas where hunger occasioned by prolonged draughts is reported every season," added Davuu.